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The Italian fashion label Diesel was founded in 1978 by designer Renzo Rosse and has established itself as an absolute cult brand. Especially Diesel jeans have been classics for over 40 years. The product range, which you can shop in our online sale, has been expanding continuously and ranges from jackets over shoes to accessories. In our Diesel Outlet you will find classic designs at exclusive sale prices.

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  • Diesel Top whiteDiesel Top white
    -71 %
    Available sizes

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    Waitlist option


    Diesel Top white

    Regular Price: $70

    Special Price $20.62

  • Diesel Jacket greyDiesel Jacket grey
    -62 %
    Available sizes

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    Waitlist option


    Diesel Jacket grey

    Regular Price: $310

    Special Price $119

  • Sold Out Still Want It ?
    Diesel Shorts blackDiesel Shorts black
    -71 %
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    30 IT

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    31 IT

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    Diesel Shorts black

    Regular Price: $190

    Special Price $56

  • Sold Out Still Want It ?
    Diesel Bag blackDiesel Bag black
    -40 %

    Diesel Bag black

    Regular Price: $350

    Special Price $209

  • Diesel Bag redDiesel Bag red
    -36 %

    Diesel Bag red

    Regular Price: $250

    Special Price $159

    Only 1 left
  • Sold Out Still Want It ?
    Diesel Bag purpleDiesel Bag purple
    -39 %

    Diesel Bag purple

    Regular Price: $80

    Special Price $49

  • Sold Out Still Want It ?
    Diesel Pullover oliveDiesel Pullover olive
    -40 %
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    Diesel Pullover olive

    Regular Price: $260

    Special Price $156

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