About Us 2

“Fashionestas”… [ƒæ∫n-istas]: |Fans of Fashion|Latin-American expression for those people who are very fond of fashion.

In general, you may find many different article groups depending on its quantity and availability within our selection. You will find women and menswear such as jackets, pants, jeans, T-shirts, tops, pullovers, dresses, skirts, and shoes, as well as different kinds of accessories like: belts, jewelery, sunglasses, handbags. Furthermore, we offer the most elite business wear such as suits, shirts, ties and classic belts.

Our selection of goods change on a monthly basis in order to provide the most exclusive clientele with constantly new and changing offers.

In almost all cases, we offer collection pieces shortly after they are introduced to the market.

Considering the fact that we offer actual branded items, it should be mentioned that, of course, there is only a small quantity of those goods avaiable for outlet prices. Therefore, in most instances, we are unable to order certain pieces again. Thus, we recommend our customers to make their purchase decision rather fast since what they may be looking for may be gone quickly and forever.


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